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Marker Accuracy

Marker Accuracy

When QSmap geocodes an address, it assigns an accuracy level to the result. The level is from one to five, with five being the most accurate. 

The different levels are;

  1. Country – The address could only be geolocated to a country level. These addresses are generally badly formatted and should be edited to be made more accurate.
  2. State – The address is geolocated to a state level. Again, these should be edited to be made more accurate.
  3. City – The address was geolocated to a city level. It may be due to a typo. Consider checking the address.
  4. Street – The address was geolocated to a street level. This indicates that the address is accurate, but something is causing it not to be pinpointed to a building level. (Suite, apartment, etc.)
  5. Building – The address was geolocated very accurately.

When searching, one can adjust the accuracy level by using the range slider. Only those markers within the range will be shown. This is helpful to try to find addresses that are not well formatted so that they can be edited to be more accurate.

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