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Product Overview

QSmap for NetSuite provides an intuitive, map-based searching capability for your data. As a “Built for NetSuite” tool, your map results will bring up any associated Account and Contact details and allow you to direct- link back to those in your existing NetSuite records. Data can also be exported to a CSV or saved within NetSuite for marketing, call lists, invitations, or other uses. We’ve broken out these instructions for two primary audiences: NetSuite Administrators and All Users.

NetSuite Administrators will find installation instructions here. The remainder of the documentation shows all QSmap users how to access the tool, how to interact with it, and basic functionality.

PLEASE NOTE: A designated Administrator within your company will need to install the bundle. This process will allow QSmap to “geocode” all of your Lead, Prospect, and Customer as well as Vendor and Partner addresses so that they can be identified on the map interface. This process codes approximately 1,000 records per hour, and we suggest you allow sufficient time to ensure all data is properly geocoded.

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