Find, Segment and Sort leads, prospects and customers on a map interface

QSMAP is a SuiteApp for NetSuite that lets you visualize your contact data from your Netsuite database on a map interface

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Brief Overview

QSmap is a simple, intuitive way NetSuite users can geographically locate Customers, Prospects and Leads with an easy-to-use Map interface. The comprehensive set of tools allows users to easily locate, view and export segments of their data. QSmap is the first solution that allows users to execute everyday search tasks using familiar tool sets, which saves time and ensures a quick user adoption.

Complex regional searches giving you a headache? QSmap allows you to search for data within a map region using tools you already know. Have an appointment to see a client and want to know who’s nearby? Use QSmap to draw a shape around the area your visiting and get results fast! Is marketing having trouble identifying who’s nearby an event location? Use QSmap Search to create a sketch and build a marketing group in seconds!


Why consider QSmap?

What our customers achieve with us

+ 1 %

Topline Growth

Productivity Boost
+ 1 %

Increased Sales rep productivity

Marketing Effeciency
+ 1 %

Through better segmentation and data

A completely new way to manage leads and do sales

QSmap main search feature


You can filter to view different entity types such as customers, prospects, leads, contacts, partner or vendor. Each entity type has a unique marker on the map.

Draw On Map

Clearly market out sales territories or select highly targeted areas for you sales and marketing activities.

Contact Information

Click on the pin to bring the the contacts details without going into contact page for each.

Create Routes

Going into the field to meet some prospects?
No worries, QSmap will give you an optimised sequence and route based on your desired start and endpoint.

Route planner feature QSmap

Build And Export Segmented Lists

One you have filtered out the target contacts, QSmap builds and exports the lists for you. You can also email the lists if you need.

Visualise Your Saved Searched

You can use your saved searches as a filtration and segmentation tool. Simply select the saved search you have already built and see the data on the map.

understand territory performance better

Managers can see how their sales territories are performing visually and make better decisions

Better sales territory planning

Mark and create your territories visually, assign sales reps and quota based on data from your NetSuite database

Simplify lead management for sales reps

QSmap takes away unnecessary clicks and simplifies prospecting and sales planning for your sales reps

We enable your sales and marketing teams to do more

advanced level reporting

Pull in your saved searches and custom searches to see your data in action and visualise your reports

Get better segmentation

Marketers can use geographical insights to create more focused segments and highly targeted campaigns

Make sales reps more efficient

Routing and scheduling features allow sales reps to better plan their sales activities and be more effective


How we make your work easier?..

Ready to improve your sales and marketing efficiency?


Is there a free trial?

Yes, there is a free trial of 30 days to get acquainted with the SuiteApp. Please note, that all your entities will not be geocoded during the trial period; it’s set to a limit of 1000. In some circumstances we can extend the trial period if required.

What is the set up process like? Is it complicated?

The set up is as simple as installing the SuiteApp. Once it’s installed in your account, it will start geocoding at midnight the day after it’s installed and you’ll be able to see your entities in QSmap.

Are there discounts available for a large number of users?

Yes, reach out to us to discuss it by clicking here

How are bad addresses handled?

Geocoding is only as accurate as the addresses provided. If your leads provide bad addresses, they won’t geocoded accurately and may have pins on the map that are not in the right place. However, QSmap provides the ability to determine these addresses visually.

Does QSmap use Google's geocoding service?

QSmap uses three different geocoding services to provide the most accurate results for your entities in your region. Google’s geocoding service license agreement states that the results can not be stored in your NetSuite account for longer than 30 days, so to avoid charging customers for data that would need to be refreshed, we chose the three best services that allowed caching and that are specific to various regions.

How is support handled?

Simply reach out to us and you’ll get a response quickly, usually within a couple of hours. We take support very seriously and your satisfaction is our top priority.

What if I have a feature request?
Please reach out to us and let us know! There might be existing features that you’re not aware of, which could solve your specific needs. If not, while not all use cases are applicable to every customer, if your request would benefit others, it is likely to be considered for development in the future.