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Searching made easy.

QSmap is a simple, intuitive way NetSuite users can geographically locate Customers, Prospects, Leads, Contacts, Vendors and Partners with an easy-to-use Map interface. The comprehensive set of tools allows users to easily locate, view and export segments of their data. QSmap is the first solution that allows users to execute everyday search tasks using familiar toolsets, which saves time and ensures quick user adoption.

Find NetSuite entities quickly.

A NetSuite global like search right in QSmap allows a user to find NetSuite entities by using keywords. Once the entity is selected, a pin is added to the map that can be used as the focus for consecutive searches.

Use your saved search for fine-tuning criteria.

Not only does QSmap allow the user to define a set of criteria using the tools on the SuiteApp, but it also allows the user to utilize an existing and new Saved Search. The Saved Search can be selected from a dropdown list on the QSmap SuiteApp in order to display the results of that saved search geographically.

Save frequent locations.

QSmap allows the user to save locations on the map to aid in quickly searching for nearby entities. It’s perfect if you have consultants or office locations and you’re looking to see who are the nearest entities to that location. Or vice versa; enter a location for a customer and you’ll visually be able to determine what is the closest saved location to the customer.

Simple pricing.

Pricing is per user, per month. Discount pricing is available for 5 users plus.
Includes geocoding of 10,000 addresses per user, per month. (Totals are cumulative and are not reset.) Trial licenses are limited to 1,000 geocoded addresses.

  • Basic search functionality
  • Main Search
  • Quick Search
  • Saved Searches
  • Saved Regions
  • Saved Locations
  • Custom Fields
  • Default Search
  • Export to Excel/CSV
  • All the features of the basic plan, with additional features to streamline your workflow.
  • Main Search
  • Quick Search
  • Saved Searches
  • Saved Regions
  • Saved Locations
  • Custom Fields
  • Default Search
  • Export to Excel/CSV
Coming Soon
  • All the features of the standard plan, including;
  • Places / What's nearby
  • Directions
  • Route Optimization
  • Mobile Access
  • Scheduling
  • Premium Support

Quick Access Buttons

Quick access buttons enable the user to center the map on their current location, saved home location, or saved work location. QSmap also allows the user to save a default search and that search will be performed at the click of a button.

Saved Regions

Save regions and territories to limit the search results to a specific relevant region. Regions may be private or publically available to other QSmap users in the same company.


Export customer, contact, partner and vendor search results to a CSV file or a NetSuite marketing group.

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