We Equip Netsuite Users To Unlock Geolocation Data From Their Customer Database


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Average Increase in LTV

Our software and systems are designed specifically for NETSUITE and offically recognized by ORACLE 

EHC Inc (EhCanadian Consulting) was founded in 2013 to develop custom applications for the manufacturing industry. From there, we’ve grown to support a wide variety of verticals. We’re focused on NetSuite customization and development.


We strive to make sense of your systems. Our understanding of how data is shared, created and stored led us to develop a sophisticated, yet simple, geo mapping solution for NetSuite.

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Lee Young

Lee Young

Founder & CEO

“Our goal is to build software that gives customer-facing teams at SMBs the ability to create fruitful and enduring relationships with customers.”

Our Netsuite Story

We were a consultancy that turned into software

For over 15 years EHCanadian was a NetSuite consultancy which was helping solve complex problems for organizations using NetSuite. 

We condensed all those years of consulting and problem solving into a solution which would love a major problem for the NetSuite users. 

This is how QSmap was born – a nectar of over a decade and a half worth of experience transformed into a geolocation solution for NetSuite ecosystem.

Businesses optimized
Plus increase in LTV on average
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