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Installation and preferences

QSmap Bundle Installation

  1. Log in to your NetSuite account with the Administrator role.
  2. From the main menu go to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles.
  3. Enter QSmap in the Keywords textbox to locate the QSmap bundle. (Bundle id 129031)
  4. Click on the EHC QSmap bundle in the list of bundles, then click on the Install button, followed by the Install Bundle button.

Once the bundle has finished installing any user can access QSmap and preferences can be set.


  1. Click on Setup
  2. Navigate to Company
  3. Select General Preferences
  4. Under General Preferences, click on Custom Preferences to set the following under “General”:
    1. QSmap User to Notify – the user selected in this field will be emailed the results of the geocoding process. The user will only be notified if there are records processed or an error occurs. If there are no records to geocode, a notification will not be sent.
    2. Default Company Coordinates – The company coordinates are automatically pulled from the company address when the QSmap bundle is installed. However, this field allows an administrator to override the company coordinates if they wish.
    3. QSmap Customer Geocode Address – this field determines which address QSmap will use for geocoding customer locations, such as
      1. Billing
      2. Shipping
      3. Residential/Address (only applies to customers)
    4. QSmap Non-Customer Geocode Address – this field determine which address QSmap will use for geocoding non-customer entity addresses.

NOTE: QSmap geocodes 25,000 records per day, and we suggest you allow a sufficient amount of time to ensure all data is properly geocoded.

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