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Administration panel

Administration Panel

Users with the admin role will see a dashboard icon in their toolbar.

License Information

On a subscription model, QSmap is available to each activated user. The Total Purchased field shows the number of licenses you have purchased, while the Total Activated shows the number of licenses that have been activated with your API key. The current user count shows the number of users that have accessed QSmap in your account. Individual users or administrators are responsible for activating or deactivating a license using the API key that is sent to you when you purchase QSmap.

QSmap is also available to be purchased with a set number of users without having to activate each user to use the application. The license information will show the number of licenses purchased, but the number of licenses activated will remain at zero. In this model, administrators will need to reach out to support@qsmap.net to remove users that no longer need to access the application.

Geocoded Entity Counts

  1. Total Count – The number of entities that are in your account.
  2. Geocoded Count – The number of entities that have been geocoded.
  3. Bad Address Count – The number of entities that have an address that could not be geocoded.
  4. Non-Geocoded Count – The number of entities that do not have an address.

While the geocoding process is in progress, one can press the refresh button to update the graph.

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