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Main Search Feature

The Main Search is used to search for entities within your NetSuite account.

Customer, Lead, Prospect, Contact, Partner, and Vendor

Place a checkbox next to each entity type you’d like to search.

Sales Rep

Select a sales rep to filter search results by. Only those entities assigned to the specified sales rep will be returned. Check the Show inactive sales reps to display inactive sales reps in the dropdown.


Use the Category dropdown to filter results based on the built-in NetSuite category field. Customer category defines a list of values that are used by the customer record to set the type of customer. To add options to this list, go to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Lists > New and click Customer Category.

Custom Fields

In the above screenshot, there are two fields added to the main search filters; Hardware Sales Rep and Customer Credit on Hold. These are custom fields that are added via the User Interface options. Any field that is a select or checkbox is available as a filter.

Zip/Postal Code

Enter a zipcode or postal code to filter the result by.

Product Options

  1. Products purchased: Select a product category that will filter results using products that customers have purchased.
  2. Products for sale: Select a product category that will filter results using products that vendors or partners have sold.

Cluster Results

Selecting this option will cluster nearby markers instead of showing individual markers. As you zoom in on the map, the clusters will expand into individual markers.

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