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Main Options

Accessing Main Options

To access the Main options, select the cog on the main toolbar, and select the Main Options tab.

Main Options

Home Location

Center the map on where you’d like to set your home location. Click the Set button, and your home location will be set.

In the toolbar, press the home location button and a pin will drop at your set home location. The pin can be relocated by dragging the pin to a more accurate location.

Work Location

Center the map on where you’d like to set your work location. Click the Set button, and your work location will be set.


QSmap includes 11 different themes. Select a theme that suits you.


  1. Search as viewport changes: As you drag the map, QSmap will continue to search using your current search options. Clearing this checkbox requires the user to click the search button to retrieve more results.
  2. Search world map: QSmap uses the current map view/viewport to filter the search results. When selecting this option, QSmap will search the whole world, without bounds. This is not recommended if your account has a lot of entities.
  3. Cluster results by default: Selecting this option will override the Cluster Results option in the main search.
  4. Zoom to extents after results: Selecting this option will zoom the map out to fit the bounds of all returned results.
  5. Max results: The maximum number of results to show on the map.
  6. Units: Specify your default units; metric or imperial.

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